Undergraduate thesis

Ambiente gráfico interativo para diagrama de interação de seções de concreto armado

Filipe de Paula Braga Silva, Flavio Torres da Fonseca, Leandro Augusto Campelo de Barros, Marcelo Paixão Pinto Rodrigues

Undergraduate thesis - 2005

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This work aims at the implementation of a graphical and interactive environment for obtaining interactive diagrams of reinforced concrete sections. The section may have any polygonal geometry and any steel bars arrangement is accepted. The section can be solicited from both normal force and moments, which is enough to represent from a simple flexion to an oblique flexion. In order to find the position of the neutral line in this case it is necessary to obtain both the translation and the rotation of the neutral line through an iterative process. For each position of the neutral line which satisfies the equilibrium, the solicitant stress state is calculated and compared to the given one until they become equal to each other within a certain tolerance. The implementation of the graphic environment follows the Objected Oriented Programming methodology using Java. The obtained diagrams are based on the discretization of the section into a list of points on its plane. The constitutive equations of the steel and concrete were taken from the NBR-6118:2003.